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Hello! I'm Jenna, the owner and creator of Saltwater Grace Designs. I live on beautiful Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm a mama of two and a lover of coffee, podcasts, random music and all things ocean related. 


This small shop was born out of an obsession for beach combing. In 2017, my daughter and I started exploring shorelines after finding one riddled in amazing pieces of beach glass. We would go several times a week and our collection of finds started to grow like crazy! I started to use our treasures to create beach glass art and jewelry, and before I knew it had built a small business that I operated as a side gig to my full time job. 


Fast forward two years to May of 2019. I had recently had a baby, had taken a beachglass hiatus of over a year, and was gifted a pair of polymer clay earrings by my sister. I was immediately intrigued by the process and found myself researching ideas and techniques for months until I finally broke down and purchased a sample clay pack and a cheap pasta roller. After months of trial and error, I launched SWGD's newest product in December 2019. Since that time, SWGD has pumped out thousands of pairs of earrings, all individually hand crafted by yours truly. We've shipped all over Canada and to the States. As my business has grown, it's no longer feasible for me to operate sales from my social media sites and now have a home base to direct customers with inventory and purchasing inquiries. I'm learning new techniques and skills every single day and am so extremely fortunate and grateful to come from a small town that loves to support local doers and dreamers! 

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