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Where'd ya get that?

I spend countless hours every week researching and sourcing the best materials I can find that also allow my products to remain affordable. I test new materials myself to ensure the quality before selling them to you. I'm proud to say that the majority of our supplies come from other small business owners or Canadian owned companies. Below is a brief summary on materials used and where some of them are sourced.

Posts & Hooks

Our posts, hooks, and jump rings are 304 stainless steel, making them an excellent option for sensitive ears. The exception to this is some pre-fab metal earrings may be 316 or 201 grade but this is rare and will be noted in the product listing- both still an excellent option!


Adhesives & Finishes

High quality glue is used to adhere posts to clay, which is then covered over with UV resin and cured with a UV light. After testing many kinds, the best quality we could find (and our favourite resin) is sourced from a small Canadian business.


Cutters & Decals

All cutters, decals and rollers are only purchased from small business owners or printed myself.



Only high quality polymer clay is used for all clay designs. Clay intended for other uses such as sculptures/play tend to break very easily and are never used in our creations. The majority of our clay comes from a Canadian small business.


Charms & Pendants

I try my best to only use stainless steel or gold plated charms and pendants as the finish and quality seems to last the longest compared to other metals. Occasionally, brass charms are used which may tarnish over time depending on how they are handled/stored- these can be cleaned with a brass cleaning product found at your local hardware store.


Shipping Supplies

Shipping boxes, labels and all earring/instruction/thank you cards are obtained through Canadian owned businesses.

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